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Sent you the same document three times: first time there were photo with the half of the document with highlited adress, which did not suit you; second, the same retaken photo with same full document, but then the format welches wrong for you; And only for the third time, with same document and lots of photos made to make it perfect, downloaded and uploaded to the pc - after total 5 hours spent waiting, you simply answered that the document itself is not suitable. So please prove me wrong, if this is not time wasting and ignorant service.

Reply from ADV Payment Hub We are sorry your experience was not positive. It's important for us that our users receive the high level of service they deserve. However, upon examination of your support tickets, we have been unable to find any specific problems that could warrant such a negative Bericht. You seem to Beryllium unhappy with the verification. Looks like you did not upload a single verification document for us to Bericht. You did not provide any details about what problems you might be having with the process. We assume it's due to a browser or other technical failure on your side that we did not have a chance to assist you with.

Although the website only lists 50 countries that are excluded from the services, digging a bit deeper it turns out that there are even more countries, including the United States where they do not ship the bitcoin debit cards.

We hope you will continue to use the platform, and we will appreciate any feedback and ideas on improvement that you may want to share with us. Have a great day!

As for me everything is ok with… As for me everything is ok with ADVcash. I passed verification of identity and Leistungspunkt card during half of a day.

Transaction amount rein BTC currency when you need to withdraw exact BTC amount (accuracy – up to six digits after decimal point). Required if ecurrency is BITCOIN

We will take appropriate action by requesting the exchanger to cooperate and investigate the issue, or we will remove the faulty exchange service from our Streich until the issue is fixed.

By holding the slider with the left mouse Anstecker, drag it to the opposite position and complete the registration (as shown rein the image above). Next, a new page will appear, where you will Beryllium offered to go straight to work, or first verify your account and Zusammenstellung up a secure profile. If you close this window, it is possible to go read more immediately to the Privat data page. We have the ability to manage three main accounts (rouble, dollar, euro) and two additional (hryvnia and pound sterling). Properly completed registration, even without passing data verification, allows you to easily use all the features of Advanced Cash. But, if you want to transfer money from the card to the balance or cash out a large amount of funds, you will lautlos have to verify your account, plus it will immediately protect you from the most potential incidents of mistrust on the parte of the administration.

While this approach can Beryllium vastly inconvenient with heavy card use (possibly a new card durch month or more), if major bills are handled separately, all expenses possible are paid directly in get more info Ether or Bitcoin, and almost all other purchases are handled by either Bitcoin & Ethereum gift cards or cash, card use can be kept to a minimum.

Under the name of the wallet, you can see the inscription “Not verified.” It implies that the owners of the Gebilde and its participants do not completely rely on you, which will Grenzmarke some operations on the account.

The best company The best company, I just registered today, I don't have my own resident,and I told them honestly I edit rein Photoshop on my address verification and they support welches very opened and allowed me to go to bank to get debit/credit card confirmation from bank with my different address.

You just need to fix the error. The telephone is attached very simply: just enter the number, and you will receive a message. It will contain the code that must be entered into the check box. Now the verification of the AdvCash account is completed. By logging into your Persönlich account, you will see a Stand change near your name. Next, we will deal with the proposed rates, as well as determine how to operate the payment Anlage.

Account replenishment is performed by several methods. Enter the page of your account and open the appropriate tab. Then you have to choose the desired amount, the method of payment and indicate rein which of the currencies you want to receive it.

Are ur exchange partners safe enough? Despite the fact that we thoroughly vet each of ur click here business partners, check here please keep in mind that all businesses that are listed on OKchanger are independent and hinein no way legally related to OKchanger. The verification Organismus can not here guarantee that all listed exchangers are absolutely trustworthy.

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